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High Sierra

Ryler backpack

17" laptop backpack
700,000 ₫
1,400,000 ₫
  • Large, multi-compartment design
  • Fully-padded CUSHION ZONE computer sleeve fits most 17" laptops (16 x 11 x 1.75 in.)
  • Integrated TECH SPOT tablet computer sleeve (12.5 x 11 x 0.75 in.)
  • Premium multiple pocket organizer with key fob
  • Easy-access hanging accessory pocket
  • -
    The compartment of large, medium and small divided into three can carry everything according to its size. When there is little baggage in side compression, you can slim the bag and be comfortable with your back.
    Carry-on luggage
    Luggage that can be taken into the cabin in line with IATA recommendations. Its dimensions comply with most cabin luggage restrictions imposed by airlines (see our overview of luggage standards in the Customer Service section).
    PC protection
    Special shock absorbent padding to protect your laptop computer.
    Super light
    Gives optimal comfort during your travel, avoids paying additional charges at the airport and allows you to carry a maximum number of items.
    Tablet protection
    Specific provisions for protecting your tablet.
    1 year warranty
    Bảo hành giới hạn trong 1 năm đối với các khuyết tật về vật liệu và tay nghề.
    Technical configuration
    Product Code: H04*N2059
    Internal volume: 35 L
    Weight: 0.7 kg
    Dimensions: 34.3 x 14.7 x 50.8 cm
    Warranty: Warranty and bill
    Warranty: 1 year
    Set: 1 pcs and 1 warranty
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    Ryler backpack

    Ryler backpack

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